Esteemed Members
and Distinguished Fellows,

First of all – a very “Happy New Year” to everyone! Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead the SRU in 2024. As the echoes (pun intended) of our recent annual meeting fade, a sense of profound satisfaction lingers. Together, we orchestrated a resounding success, a testament to the collective dedication and expertise that defines our society. The attendance at the SRU2023 was one of the highest we have ever seen, and each one of you played a vital role in crafting this successful event. My sincere thanks to Jason Wagner and Theodora Potretzke for leading the program committee that helped us make this meeting so successful. I want to thank our outgoing President, Mary Frates, who did a huge amount of work in astutely negotiating our way in the midst of a management transition. Mary and Letty Carroll, our new executive director, held countless meetings as they traversed the uncertainties that come with such a change. To Mary’s credit, she organized many aspects of our society’s work into manageable working units and thus paved the way for me to harness the advantage of that effort.

I am thrilled to welcome Anne Kennedy to the executive board as our new secretary. As she takes over the job of publishing the quarterly newsletter, I am sure all of us look forward to seeing some of her effervescent personality in its contents. Helena Gabriel transitions into her role of treasurer for the upcoming year, and I am sure she will keep a keen eye on our finances. Mark Lockhart moves into the role of “President-Elect” and this gives me a “déjà vu” feeling of when we worked in tandem as chair and vice chair of the program committee. I look forward to his wise counsel and support. This is a hard-working and collegial board that takes its fiduciary responsibility to you and the society seriously. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us with suggestions and ideas. While we may not be able to do everything you ask of us, we promise to try. In addition to our new board members, the society’s journal, Ultrasound Quarterly, has a new editor in Adrian Dawkins, and we look forward to his leadership at the journal. Please encourage your residents and faculty to prioritize publishing in our journal.

At the 2023 annual meeting, we had the distinct pleasure of electing our new fellows. To our newly inducted fellows, I extend my heartfelt congratulations. Your journey to fellowship exemplifies unwavering commitment and a deep-seated passion for advancing ultrasound’s potential. We look forward to your contributions that will shape the future trajectory of our field.

The landscape of ultrasound is dynamic, presenting challenges and opportunities in equal measure. AI, machine learning, and other innovations beckon demanding our careful consideration and strategic adaptation. Kudos to all our members for voting in large numbers to expand the membership in our society to scientists and sonographers. We must now reach out to the scientists shaping the future of ultrasound technology and sonographers whose skilled hands translate our vision into reality. By welcoming their diverse expertise and fostering a vibrant community, we can collectively elevate the standard of patient care. Please get the word out, SRU is accepting scientists and sonographers as its members. The membership link on our website has been updated to reflect the categories of our new members.

Our achievements cannot be sustained without continued commitment from our members and fellows. Profuse thanks to all the members who contributed to the SRU Foundation (SRUF). The SRUF funds were utilized last year for awarding research grants, and we hope to continue using them to inspire young researchers to make relevant contributions to the field of ultrasound. The SRUF also funds the consensus conferences/statement initiatives. Last year, we funded two conferences ably led by Shuchi Rogers, Lori Strakowski, Scott Young, Wendaline VanBuren and Priyanka Jha. This year, the board has accepted proposals submitted by Richard Barr (for Fat Quantification) and Sherwin Chan (for Veno-Occlusive Disease) for consensus conferences. We look forward to seeing the preliminary results of their effort at our annual meeting.

A gentle reminder if I may: dues renewal plays a crucial role in supporting the society’s mission to advance ultrasound education, research, and clinical practice. Your timely contribution ensures that we can continue to provide valuable resources, host impactful meetings like the last one, and advocate for the recognition and advancement of our field. Please prioritize your membership renewals.

Again, many thanks for giving me, and the board, this opportunity to step into the shoes of our past trailblazers. We shall endeavor to follow their amazing leadership.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the SRU 2024 annual meeting on September 27-29 in Seattle, WA. We look forward to having a great meeting and hope to see you there.

Best wishes for 2024!

Nirvikar (Nirvi) Dahiya, MD, FSRU, FACR, FAIUM
SRU President