To be the premier society for the practice and growth of high-quality ultrasound in Radiology


Patient Care – To grow and sustain a broad coalition of users of ultrasound in Radiology dedicated to the improvement of patient care; to advocate for the appropriate and impactful use of ultrasound in disease-oriented algorithms and for optimized patient outcomes; to guide the field of clinical ultrasound through consensus conferences, advocacy, outreach, research, and education.

Education – To provide education on the practice of ultrasound in Radiology, for the benefit of fellows, members, and associate members, including radiology trainees, scientists, and sonographers, both through a robust annual meeting (including the fellows meeting), and year-round educational opportunities such as enduring and online digital content and collaboration with other societies and organizations; to establish guidelines and expectations for ultrasound training in radiology residencies and fellowships.

Alliances and Outreach – To engage with other radiology organizations as the “go-to” society for ultrasound; to advocate for and support high-quality education and clinical practice; to act as ambassadors for national and international societies and organizations that may be involved in the education-appropriate use, regulation, and study of ultrasound.

Research and Development – To advance the field of ultrasound through the engagement of members, physicists, engineers, and industry partners through impactful research, development, and evaluation of the next generation of ultrasound-based diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Member inclusion, engagement, and well-being – To remain an organization dedicated to its members, offering camaraderie and supportive mentorship, focusing on the inclusion of members and associate members dedicated to the practice of ultrasound in Radiology from a broad range of backgrounds, practice types, and perspectives.