President's Message

Dear SRU Members,

Over two years have now passed since our world was upended by the global pandemic. The way we interact, work, communicate, and learn has significantly changed. What has not changed, however, is our desire to come back together and celebrate our mutual appreciation of Ultrasound. I am optimistic that with the lessons learned from the past 2 years, we are well-equipped to enjoy an incredible in-person SRU meeting in October 14-16, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona!

The Program Committee, led by Jason Wagner and Theodora Potretzke, has created an exquisite program for the 2022 meeting. Vickie Feldstein from UCSF has been selected as the Keynote Speaker with the theme of the Plenary Session being “Advancing the Art of Ultrasound.” For those who know Vickie, this theme could not be more apropos.  Along the theme of art, we have many other fun art-themed events and activities planned for the meeting. Please see the article written by Debbie Levine and Vickie Feldstein in this newsletter for more details.

The Early Career Group led by Jill Jones is planning a great networking breakfast at the upcoming SRU meeting during which major movers and shakers of Ultrasound and Radiology Research and Editors of major publications will chat with Early Career Members. Stay tuned for sign-ups!

Our research committee, led by Art Fleischer and Manjiri Dighe, has been hard at work planning the SRU Research Awards. We have solicited many exciting research proposals, and the Research Committee will determine the awardee(s) to be announced at the meeting. Funding for the SRU Research Awards comes directly from your donation to the SRU Foundation. The SRU Foundation is the non-profit arm of the SRU, and all donations are tax deductible. Important initiatives, SRU Consensus Panels (when in person), and SRU research grants are all funded through the SRUF. Please consider helping the SRU Foundation via a tax-deductible donation. We all collectively benefit from the initiatives funded through the SRUF.

Because we were not able to properly celebrate our 2020 and 2021 SRU Awardees due to the pandemic, we decided to postpone their celebration until we could meet in person. Special thanks to the Awards Celebration Committee (led by Mindy Horrow, Bill Middleton, and Leslie Scoutt) for thinking creatively about how we may celebrate each of our awardees. Our plan is to celebrate the 2020 and 2022 SRU awardees during the 2022 SRU meeting (in Phoenix) and the 2021 and 2023 awardees during the 2023 SRU meeting (in Washington, DC). Further details will be announced shortly.

This past year, I led the SRU Consensus Committee on the topic of Management of Incidental Gallbladder Polyps. We recently published the results of our survey sent to all SRU Fellows; the survey results were very helpful to us as we navigated this topic. I am also happy to announce that our manuscript outlining the SRU Consensus Committee recommendations and rationale has been accepted to Radiology and is now in press. I look forward to officially utilizing our new recommendations soon! The goal of the SRU recommendations is to help reduce unnecessary imaging and follow-up for very low risk polyps while providing follow-up guidance for polyps that may be greater risk. We are currently in the process of determining the SRU Consensus Committee topic for next year. Thank you to everyone who submitted your ideas and suggestions. 

The SRU Ultrasound Directors Group (led by Melanie Caserta and myself) has been meeting regularly every month. Melanie has provided a great summary of our group, and we agree that this has been an incredible resource for all of us. Please join us next time if you are interested! To be added to the email list, please submit your information here.

And finally, I am pleased to announce that the location and dates for the 2023 SRU meeting have been finalized and will be held in Washington, DC on Oct 20-22, 2023 at the Grand Hyatt Washington DC. Mark your calendars! 



Aya Kamaya, MD, FSRU

SRU President 2021-2022