Who We Are

The Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) is comprised of radiologists with expertise in ultrasound.  We work towards the advancement of the science, practice and teaching of the specialty of ultrasound in order to ensure the professional fulfillment of radiologists performing ultrasound, and optimize the practice of ultrasound for the benefit of our patients.

The Fellows of the society are leaders in the field who promote the advancement of ultrasound practice. General members who spend a substantial amount of time in ultrasound and have made significant contributions to the specialty can be nominated for fellowship in the society. We actively promote use of ultrasound in patient care. Ultrasound offers several unique advantages for the practicing radiologist, including noninvasive real-time scanning, portability, instant multiplanar imaging, and a lack of ionizing radiation. However, in order for the specialty of radiology to maintain its leadership in clinical ultrasound imaging, ultrasound must be taught to radiologists-in-training and its use advocated within radiology departments. No group is better suited to ensuring the future of ultrasound in radiology than the SRU.

Our publications include the peer-reviewed journal, Ultrasound Quarterly as well as a quarterly newsletter which includes a president’s letter, annual meeting highlights, committee reports and a column entitled "Ask the Expert?” in which experts provide answers to technical, clinical, political or socioeconomic questions.

We have an annual meeting and post-graduate educational course, which is generally held during the month of October. The meeting typically consists of a plenary session, panel discussions and focused lectures that cover a wide variety of topics including abdominal, obstetric, gynecologic, vascular, pediatric, interventional and superficial ultrasound, as well as areas such as elastography and ultrasound contrast. Our yearly gala reception is a major event, featuring live scanning and demonstration of the latest ultrasound technologies.

The SRU has sponsored a number of consensus conferences on several important topics including: postmenopausal bleeding, carotid stenosis, adnexal cysts, and thyroid nodule evaluation. The reports of these conferences are routinely published in major journals (link to consensus conferences).

The SRU has liaisons to the ACR Commission on Ultrasound, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, ICAVL, and other societies. Networking and frequent communication is encouraged between the SRU leadership and these organizations. The SRU also has a vast network of corporate associates and there is frequent communication between the membership and ultrasound corporations, specifically at designated focus sessions held during the annual meeting.

We have a special interest group, “The Future of Ultrasound – Young Radiologist interest group,” to allow for radiologists who are early in their careers to network with others with similar interests in ultrasound practice and research (link to join the Early Career Interest Group). 

The SRU is a community with resources that members can access to enhance their ultrasound skills and practice, such as online interesting cases and discussions.