SRU Awards

Distinguished Service Award 

Lawrence A. Mack Lifetime Achievement Award 

Distinguished Educator 

Anna Lev-Toaff Award 

Barry Goldberg Award 

Young Investigator Research Award 

Member-In-Training Research Award 


Distinguished Service Award

In 2007, the Executive Board established the Distinguished Service Award to honor SRU members for outstanding service to the Society and to the field of radiology. The recipient is selected by the Executive Board.


2023 Winner

Theodore J. Dubinsky, M.D., FSRU


Past Winners

2022 John J. Cronan, MD

2021 Deborah, Levine, MD

2020 Rusty Brown, MD 

2019 Ulrike Hamper, MD 

2018 Beverly Coleman, MD 

2017 Carol Benson, MD 

2016 Barbara S. Hertzberg, MD 

2015 Edward A. Lyons, OC, MD 

2014 Harvey L. Neiman, MD 

2013 Christopher R. B. Merritt, MD 

2012 Faye C. Laing, MD 

2011 Alfred B. Kurtz, MD 

2010 Peter H. Arger, MD 

2009 Michael L. Manco-Johnson, MD 

2008 Barry B. Goldberg, MD 

2007 George R. Leopold, MD

Lawrence A. Mack Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lawrence A. Mack Lifetime Achievement Award honors SRU member Larry Mack, and is presented yearly to an SRU Fellow to recognize a career of outstanding achievement in ultrasound research.


2023 Winner

Edward I. Bluth, MD, FSRU


Past Winners

2022 William D. Middleton, MD

2021 Dolores Pretorius, MD

2020 John McGahan, MD 

2019 Edward Grant, MD 

2018 Arthur C. Fleischer 

2017 Peter Doubilet, MD 

2016 R. Brooke Jeffrey, Jr., MD 

2015 J. William Charboneau, MD 

2014 Barbara B. Gosink, MD 

2013 Peter L. Cooperberg, MD 

2012 Stephanie R. Wilson, MD 

2011 Jonathan M. Rubin, MD, PhD 

2010 Beryl R. Benacerraf, MD 

2009 Barry B. Goldberg, MD 

2008 Roy A. Filly, MD

Distinguished Educator Award

The Distinguished Education and Mentor Award recognizes an SRU Fellow for a career of outstanding achievement in ultrasound education and mentorship.


2023 Winner

Deborah Rubens, MD, FSRU


Past Winners

2022 Paula J. Woodward, MD

2021 Carol Rumack, MD

2020 Ruth Goldstein, MD 

2019 Leslie Scoutt, MD 

Anna Lev-Toaff Award

Anna Lev-Toaff award is in memory of SRU Fellow Anna Lev-Toaff and supports women faculty at the annual meeting.


2022 Winner

Tara Morgan, MD


Past Winners

2021 Oksana Baltarowich, MD

2020 Priyanka Jha, MD

2019 Lori Strachowski, MD 

2018 Sarah Durfee, MD 

2017 Shuchi K. Rodgers, MD 

2016 Roya Sohaey, MD

Barry Goldberg Award


2019 Winner

Paula Woodward, MD


Past Winners

2018 Harris Cohen, MD 

2017 Edward Grant, MD 

2016 Laurence Needleman, MD

Young Investigator Research Award

The Executive Board established the Young Investigator Research Award in 2017 to recognize an SRU member who has been in practice less than ten years post training.The award is given for a paper on original research in ultrasound and submitted to the Research Committee for review. The paper is presented at the annual meeting.


2018 Winner

Ami Gokli, MD


Past Winners

2017 Alina Makoyeva, MD 


Member-In-Training Research Award

The Executive Board established the Member-in-Training research award in 2006 to recognize an SRU member, resident or fellow, for excellence in ultrasound-related research. The award is given yearly for the best original research paper submitted to the Research Committee for review. The paper is presented at the annual meeting.


2016 Winner

Jinghui Hu, PhD
University of Calgary
Presentation:  Resolution of Indeterminate MRI with CEUS in Patients at High Risk for Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Past Winners

Theodora Potretzke, MD
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
Abstract:  Bleeding Complications after Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Biopsy of Subcapsular Liver Masses: A Comparison with Nonsubcapsular Liver Masses and Random Liver Biopsy

Patricia Jo, MD
University of Calgary
Abstract: Nodules in a Cirrhotic Liver: The Significant Contributions of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)

Eric May, MD
Mayo College of Medicine
Abstract: Optimal Duplex Ultrasound Criteria in Stented Mesenteric Arteries

Summit Sawhney, MD
University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services
Abstract: Can Ultrasound with Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Replace the Nonenhanced CT Scan in Patients with Contraindication to CT Contrast Agent Injection?

Manish Dhyani, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Abstract: Shear Wave Sonoelastography: A New Method to Differentiate Intermediate Stages of Liver Fibrosis

Daniel T. Ginat, MD, MS,
University of Rochester Medical Center
Abstract: Applying the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound Criteria for Thyroid Nodule FNA and Utilizing Ultrasound Morphology for Further Reducing the Negative FNA Rate

Andrej Lyshchik, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Abstract: Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer with Quantitiative Color Doppler

Sachit K. Verma, MD
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Abstract: Comparison of Sonohysterography and MRI in the Diagnosis of Adenomyosis

Margarita Revzin, MD
North Shore University Hospital
Abstract: Diagnostic Criteria for Doppler Evaluation of Renal Stents

Jared Christenson, MD
University of Rochester Medical Center
Abstract: Real-Time Sonoelastography Detection of Hepatic Radiofrequency Ablation Lesions in an in-vivo Porcine Model