We are pleased to announce the creation of the SRU Forum, our newest platform aimed at education and collaboration available only to members.

What is the SRU Forum?  The SRU Forum is an online community with threaded discussions, built to allow members to exchange knowledge, get opinions, develop ideas, and see interesting cases.  Have a question about how others tackle a particular procedure?  Confused about a tough case and want to see how others would interpret key images?  Want to share your thoughts about the implications of a recent journal article?  Go to the Forum and post your question, your image, or your thoughts!  Yes, there are other online communities, such as ACR Engage—but none with the collective ultrasound expertise of the SRU.

It’s easy to get started by following the instructions below:

1.  Go to www.sru.freeforums.net and register.  You should use the same email contact for the SRU Forum as you do for SRU (if you don’t, you may not be recognized as an SRU member and your SRU Forum registration may be inadvertently rescinded).

2.  Either during or after registration, pick or change your Display Name so that it fits with the SRU Forum style, which makes it easy to identify you.  After all, one of the benefits of the Forum is that it facilitates forging relationships with other SRU members.  There is a board on the Forum that reviews 

how to change your Display Name.  The convention for Display Name is that it has your first and last name, followed by an institutional or geographic identifier. If your institutional affiliation is less well known, use your city.  You can see how others have crafted their display name to fit the character restrictions of the site.

3.  Browse the existing organization of topics, boards, threads, and posts.  Topics are high level blue banners that define the sphere of the underlying folders.  Each folder under a Topic is a Board, and within each Board there are subfolders that are Threads (also known as Subjects).  Each Thread contains related posts made by individuals.  You can add up to 3 attachments to your post (such as images or articles—be sure there is no patient information) if you want to refer to them.

4.  If you want to make a post about a topic that doesn’t seem to fit any Board, you can put that into the “Miscellaneous” Board which sits in the “General” topic area, and one of the administrators will create an appropriate organizational structure into which your Thread will be moved.